The Curtain to Fall on Downton Abbey

It had to happen.  After five glorious seasons,  the latest of which is winding up on PBS in the United States, it seems inevitable that next season – season 6 – will be its last. Dame Maggie Smith, who so wonderfully plays the Dowager Countess of Grantham, has confirmed in an interview with Britain’s Sunday Times that the next season… Read more →

The English Breakfast

Woke up today to a chilly rainy Sunday morning. And on such a day, I find there is nothing quite as satisfying as a good old English breakfast along with a nice big mug of English tea. For more details on what you’re missing, Serious Eats has a useful guide to the essentials of an English breakfast, (also known as… Read more →

iPhone 7 Rumors

With the iPhone vs Samsung Galaxy war continuing to result in great technology for consumers, we’re taking a look at the latest news and rumors for Apple’s forthcoming iPhone 7.   WHAT’S IN A NAME? At this time we’re not even sure that the iPhone 7 will  be called the iPhone 7. Following Apple’s recent naming strategy for their phones,… Read more →