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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Beautiful Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

After all the recent cold followed by the drenching rain that left our yard looking like a paddy field, Monday (the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday) was beautiful with clear blue skies and temperatures reaching the low 60's. We took advantage of the day and headed to Dan Nicholas Park in Salisbury where the kids had a wonderful time riding the train, the carousel and visiting the small zoo.


Mum (GrandMa) bought the kids a new trampoline when she came to visit us at Christmas. Due to technical issues (a.k.a. my ineptitude) and weather (sub-freezing daytime termperatures) assembly of the new trampoline took a while longer than anticipated but, finally, the trampoline was built and ready for action last saturday. The kids were really excited about getting on and all had a wonderful time on there as the linked YouTube video (below)shows. This really is something that's going to get lots of use, hopefully over many more years. THANK YOU, GRANDMA!

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